Moving is an unavoidable task that we all face.  And, most of us have done it alone or with the help of (somewhat) willing friends successfully.  But, there is a better, faster and less stressful way to move, that even may end up being more economical in the end.  Here are our top 5 reasons to hire professional movers (as adapted by Ace Moving for North Idaho moving from articles by Angie’s List and Wise Bread)

1. You’ll have a safer move.

Professional movers, like Ace Moving, know how to move.  They’ve been doing this professionally for years.  They’ll bring all the equipment to make sure that heavy items are managed properly, saving you from a medical disaster.  Professional movers also have the know-how of how to safely move awkward or large items without injury.

2. Professional movers will cover your items with insurance.

We’ve all been there. Spending hours packing up one of grandma’s beloved crystal bowls only to find that when you get to your destination all of your “professional” packing ideas didn’t work and now you’ve got a box of crystal crumbs. Professional movers know how and have the proper supplies for packing items so that they won’t break.  And, in the instance of something going wrong, professional movers are heavily insured to cover the cost of anything that should go wrong.

3. There is more to moving than packing boxes.

Professional movers know there is more to moving than just packing boxes.  In all reality, there are so many other things that individuals and families need to do when they get to a new residence.  You’ll likely need to set up any new utilities or services like internet.  You may need time to change get a new state drivers license or sign your kids up at a new school.  Moving a life is more than moving boxes and a professional mover understands that.

4. You can actually save money by hiring professional movers.

I know it’s hard to believe, but you may actually save money by hiring professional movers.  The initial cost of moving can seem high, but when you think of the cost you save, it really adds up.  You may not have to purchase all the boxes and moving supplies or rent a truck and pay for gas.  You may be able to not take as much time off at work.  You’ll be able to get back to normal life faster, as professional moves are much more efficient.  Cost of damage are lessened as professional movers are insured and more experiences.  So, although the upfront cost can seem high, it may actually be less overall.

5. You’ll have friends when it’s all over.

We’ve all been there, desperately calling and texting friends to help us move.  We try to tempt them with pizza and beer, but the reality is no one really wants to help you move. Why not skip asking friends to help you move and invite them to bring a potluck dish your housewarming party a month later?  

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