While a North Idaho winter move may not be your first choice, sometimes life requires it. And, it may actually be one of the best times to move in North Idaho, with real estate dipping to its most affordable cost, movers being a little easier to schedule and rental equipment required is typically less expensive.  See these article by Livability and Spruce for winter move perks.

Even with these perks, a winter move can be daunting. Here are Ace Moving tips for staying sane during your North Idaho winter move

1. Plan ahead for a North Idaho winter move.

As winter weather can be more to manage, it is always best to plan ahead.  Work on getting your belongings packed up as early as possible.  This will allow you to have time to troubleshoot any weather issues and manage snow removal when moving day arrives.

2. Allow for some wiggle room in your moving itinerary.

When traveling in winter, it’s common to plan for slight delays.  The same goes for moving.  Plan your move to your new home a day or two ahead of when you actually have to be out of your current residence.  If a winter storm comes up and pushes your schedule back, you’ll have a couple wiggle days to improvise on the move. This will lessen your stress for you and your family.

3. Prep both your old and your new house.

When moving, it’s easy to remember all the wrap-up and maintenance items that need to be done at your previous residence, but not always as easy to remember you need to prep your new home.  Make sure you are prepping both homes both inside and out.  Plan shut off dates for utilities at your old home (the link for Avista and CDA utilities are here). That way you are not paying for electricity, heating, etc… that someone else is using.  Get all your walkways shoveled and clear. Prep your interior trafficked floors, especially halls, with plastic or cardboard to protect them from snow, sand, and salt.  Then, remember to do all these steps at your new house, especially setting up your utilities.  After a long day of moving and finally reaching your end location, you’ll want to come up to a heated, lit up space.

4. Keep extra cold weather supplies on hand.

Although it’s encouraged to be as prepared as possible on moving day with most items all packed up, make sure to keep your cold weather supplies handy.  It’s nice to have extra dry gloves for your hands, sheets and blankets for covering possessions from the elements and all snow removal items easily available.

5. Hire movers.

For a North Idaho move in winter, it makes sense to hire movers.  Movers schedules are less full so we can typically get you in on the date request much easier.  Hiring movers make the process move quickly and keeps your belongings safe.  Experienced staff ensures that your belongings are properly protected from the winter elements. The cost of hiring a mover can be less than the cost of damaged items due to weather from a poorly managed DIY move.

6. Have warm drinks available for your North Idaho winter move.

When it’s cold outside, nothing feels better than a warm drink.  You won’t mind packing the crock pop out last if that means you’ve had warm apple cider all throughout the day!  Hire movers.

Feeling nervous about your North Idaho move? Contact Ace Moving today or email us at ace.movingco@gmail.com to schedule a free quote!